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Foot reflexology lover

Month-to-month membership

Monthly club fee: $35.00

Monthly credit: one  60-min foot reflexology

Extra massage: 

Foot reflexology-$35/hr

Body massage-$55/hr

Body massage lover

Month-to-month membership

Monthly club fee: $55

Monthly credit: one  60-min body massage

Extra massage: 

Foot reflexology-$35/hr

Body massage-$49.99/hr

Terms and Conditions

Billing and monthly credit information

  • Monthly credit  entitles member to one session 60-min body massage for body massage lover plan or one session 60-min foot reflexology for foot reflexology lover plan. 
  • If you come more than one time every month. The price for additional foot reflexology is $35/hr. The price for additional body massage is $55/hr for Foot reflexology lover and $49.99/hr for body massage lover.
  • Unused monthly credit expires at the end of each month and will not carry over from one month to the next.
  • Monthly credit  is transferable with your written notice.
  • Upon enrollment, the member’s bank/credit card is authorized to transfer such funds to Tai Chi Massage and Foot Spa, LLC. until the company has received 30 days written notice of termination. Membership is perpetual and will renew on a monthly basis until termination.
  • Member is subject to a $25 service charge for any draft transaction returned for insufficient funds or invalid account information.   The service charge will be added to the member’s outstanding balance and will be charged at the next available draft date.
  • Member may purchase additional time.The price is $30/30min for body massage and  $20/30 min for foot reflexology. Payable at time of service.

Scheduling an Appointment

  • You may call Tai Chi Massage and Foot Spa (352.693.2207) anytime during normal business hours to schedule an appointment, or book an appointment online at  OUR APPOINTMENT PAGE . PLEASE CLICK HERE.
  • We accommodate walk-ins at any time, yet we cannot guarantee there will be an available therapist. Calling ahead is always recommended
  • Please arrive 5-10 minutes before your scheduled appointment time in order to ensure a full massage and/or sauna session. 

Rescheduling or Cancelling Your Appointment

  • You may cancel a massage appointment with no charge any time before the close of business on the day preceding your appointment. Same day cancellations or a “no show” for your scheduled appointment will result in a full price charge for that visit. You may be able to reschedule your appointment for the same day with no charge as long as an appointment is available on the same day. However, if an appointment is not available to reschedule on the same day, it is considered a cancellation of your appointment and will result in a full price charge for that visit.
  • Tai Chi Massage and Foot Spa standard cancellation policy is understood and agreed to by the member.
  • Prices, terms, and conditions are subject to change with 30 days notice by company.